Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home


A lot can change in ten years– including how one uses a logo. Owner Kristal Dufour explained the current difficulties she was having placing their ten-year old logo on social media applications. Having a long hyphenated name made it difficult to fit the logo just about anywhere. “I’ve tried stacking it,” she explained. It was time to start anew!

Stating she wanted a logo that was “original, contemporary, and classy,” Kristal stressed that she also desired a logo that looked nothing like other funeral home logos. Taking a cue from our natural surroundings, we focused on a species of tree that grows on the banks of the Willamette River: the Black Cottonwood tree, or populus trichocarpa. Its fragrance dominates spring air, as do the puffs of cotton that float through downtown Albany on hot summer days. On the top of the logo, Cottonwood leaves drape over the typography and point toward gently flowing water. We wanted to suggest a natural cycle; of life, nature, and local significance.


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