The Creative Process

Demystifying the creative process is an important part of being a graphic designer. We want to make it easy, and even enjoyable, to create a custom work of usable art for you. Here’s a basic outline of how our creative process works:

1. Contact: A potential client calls our office or emails us with a request to meet or teleconference. Some include information about their project; others prefer to discuss it in person or over the phone. If requesting an estimate, detailed info about the project is usually needed.

2. Meeting & Contract Agreement: We meet, or teleconference, regarding the scope of the project. An estimate is given. Once the client decides to proceed with the project, a contract is activated & agreed upon by designer and client.

3. Project Start: This is where the designer gets to know the client’s needs and desires for the outcome of the project. We discuss your hopes and dreams and exactly what you want communicated through design. The designer will ask lots of questions about you as a person and your business. It’s a very personal process to create imagery that truly resonates with the client!

4: First Round: Here’s an example of three first-round ideas. This is for an Arbonne consultant who wanted her basic information plus the company logo on her card. Corporate graphics were provided and from there, we made three different ideas. These were sent via email and the client reviewed them.


5. First Round Response: The client’s response, after reviewing round one:

“You are awesome, thank you for your time on these. I was thinking about design over the weekend and realized that I would like something that doesn’t use the botanical logo but something that looks more eco-friendly like our catalog and our boxes…maybe even like a cardboard colored card…I want it to appeal to both men and women as something anyone can use and relate to. What are your thoughts? The cards you made are beautiful but not quite what I am looking for.”

Sometimes, even when you don’t have an idea of what you want, you begin to realize what you don’t want, and that’s actually a good thing! From her response on round one, we began our First Revision Round based on her above description.

6. First Round Revision: The next ideas were sent, to try and “feel out” if we were headed in the right direction. “I LOVE where you went with these…I think I’m leaning toward the first one,” was the client’s response. With minimal changes for printing, she ended up choosing the first design.


Print Print


It took about two more minor tweaks to get the cards print-ready. This was a good example of a typical design process, where the client had definite opinions on the final product. We aim to nail down a design within those three revisions, but once in awhile a few more rounds of revisions are needed.

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