Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you construct your estimates?
A: After meeting with the client, we base our estimates on their individual project needs & how long similar projects have previously taken. All estimates include three different design directions & two rounds of revisions. Revisions past two rounds are charged at the $98/hour rate.

Q: What is your creative process?
A: At Rocketship Graphic Design, we value the client’s creative input. We meet with the client, whether online, in person, or over the phone, regarding their personal vision for the outcome of their project. From there, we get to work creating three different visual directions. After the client has viewed the three directions, he or she gives us input back on a chosen direction. After two rounds of revisions, we hope to have a final, finished product.

Q: Do you accept rush jobs?
A: At this time (2023) we are not accepting rush jobs.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept checks and debit/credit cards. For your convenience, we bill online using Square Invoicing. You will receive your digital files via email after your payment has been received.

Q: How long will the design process take?
A: Most average large design projects (three initial ideas with two revisions) are completed in three to four weeks’ time. Single-page design projects for established clients are generally finished within 3-4 days. Prompt email replies and minimal revisions can speed up completion time.

Q: Are fonts and stock photography/ custom photography included in the estimate?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot include those factors in our estimates or contracts. However, if those fees arise during the creative process, the client will always be notified, and given the chance to approve the fees.

Q: On the contract, it states that the ownership of the artwork remains with Rocketship Graphic Design. I paid for the work; isn’t it mine to keep?
A: The work is yours to keep, forever. Additionally, we give you files that allow you to print anywhere you wish, to use anywhere, on any medium. We retain the ownership of the original creation, which means we ask that any changes to the color, form, font, or size, be done by us. We ask that you don’t stretch, squash, blow up (pixelate) or shrink our work, or change the fonts or colors without our permission. Additionally, we reserve the right to display the work on our website, social media, advertising, etc.

Q: What about copyright?
A: We add copyright info on published pieces like books, greeting cards, posters, and brochures.

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